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Ivey Addresses Jefferson County Republicans

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Saturday, May 10, Alabama Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey (R) spoke at the Jefferson County Republican Party straw poll held at the Gardendale Civic Center.

Ivey said, “It is an honor and a privilege to be here as Lieutenant Governor.”  Ivey praised Alabama Governor Robert Bentley.  Ivey said, “Thanks to y’all and Republicans State wide, Democrats are no longer in charge of State government in Alabama, and you helped me to beat the last Democrat Dinosaur in State government: Jim Folsom.”  Ivey thanked the Republicans for allowing her to serve as Lt. Gov.

Ivey said that she and Gov. Bentley discuss things that affect Alabama.  “A lot of governors and Lt. governors didn’t even speak much less discuss things.”  Ivey said that Gov. Bentley appointed her to be on the advisory board of the ATRIP program to best meet the needs of Alabama’s transportation system.  The Governor has also kept her involved in education policy in the state.

Kay Ivey said, As your Lt. Govenor, I make numerous appointments to a variety of boards, commissions, and agencies and I am real proud of the appointments I have made.  Among these is appointing state Senators to the combined Committee on Redistricting.  Because of the effectiveness of those Senators they got the bill done in short order saving the taxpayer’s dollars from having to have a special session and their efforts are likely to help lead to at least two new Republican Senate Seats.”

Ivey said that the key to being an effective Lt. Gov. is being totally committed to the job with no outside interests.

Ivey said that she also serves on the commission assigned to studying the needs of Alabama’s military bases.  The military receives strong statewide support so that the state will be ready to address the next round BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) cuts that are being anticipated as likely by FY 2015.

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Ivey said that our military bases pour billions of dollars into the state’s economy.  The BRAC challenge is coming.  “Our job been working for three and a half years to get everything fine tuned so we can keep what we have and hopefully get some more.”

Among the other things that she does as Lt. Governor Ivey presides over the state Senate.  During her tenure as Lt. Gov. the Legislature has fine tuned four consecutive education budgets with no proration.

Ivey said, “My commitment to you is that I am going to be a full time Lt. Governor.  I am proud to serve you.  Thank you so much for your support.”

Kay Ivey is the first Republican woman to be elected Lt. Gov. in Alabama.  Her opponent is Sumiton businessman and minister, Dr. Stan Cooke.  Ivey is from Wilcox County.

Kay Ivey won the Jefferson County Republican Party Straw Poll at Saturday’s event.  Jefferson County is the most populous county in Alabama.  To vote in the straw poll cost $25 a ballot; but that also included a barbecue lunch catered by Jim and Nick’s Barbecue Restaurant.

The Republican Primary is June 3rd.

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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



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