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Luther Strange: It’s all About Obama (Opinion)

By Lee Hedgepeth
Alabama Political Reporter

At a private lunch event in Huntsville this month, Attorney General Luther Strange made clear his view of the AG’s office: it’s all about Obama. In his comments to the GOP crowd, Strange emphasized what he sees as the focus of his office, what he believes is a rewarding endeavor.

“I have the best job in politics in Alabama,” the Attorney General told the crowd, members of the Republican Women of Huntsville. “As the attorney general I just go to work every day and think of a way to sue the Obama Administration. If you don’t think that is fun, that is a full time job.”

Attorney General Strange has taken positions contrary to the Obama administration in many matters and rhetorically opposed the President in countless more. Primarily Strange—like many other politicians throughout the State—has focused on attacking President Obama’s renewable energy initiatives, condemning such policies as EPA regulation of carbon emissions as “overreaching,” a description the AG has taken as the title of his latest campaign ad.

“Overreaching” mentions Obama’s name once every ten seconds, a cliche’ dwarfed only by the ad’s sizeable use of Strange’s well-known nickname “Big Luther,” which appears twice as often, once every five seconds in a thirty second bit.

Earlier this month, Strange testified before Congress on the matter at the invitation of U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama. Strange reemphasized his opposition to the Environmental Protection Agency regulations, most of which—though challenged—recently survived a Supreme Court decision.

The courts are often a venue for Strange’s “Obamamania” though the AG is rarely himself fighting the battle – and sometimes Obama is not actually the one on the receiving end as “Big Luther” would like Alabamians to believe. For example, Strange has pointed in his reelection campaign to his filing of an amicus brief in a case challenging a Connecticut gun control law as a demonstration of his commitment to protect Second Amendment rights of Alabamians against infringement by the Obama administration. Obama, however, is not a Connecticut legislator.

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“I’m here to tell ya,” AG Strange says in one campaign ad, “We’re going to keep the Obama Administration from doing harm to our citizens.”

Contrarily, the website of the AG’s Office says that “the primary duty of the Attorney General is to serve as legal counsel to Alabama’s state agencies, departments, and officers.” No mention of the President, the federal government, or the AG using his or her imagination to search for possible litigation against those entities.

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