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Gingrich Says Republican Presidential Race is “Wide Open”

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

On Monday, October 26, former Speaker of the US House of Representative Newt Gingrich (R-Georgia) and his wife, Callista, were in Homewood for a book signing at the Books-A-Million in the Brookwood Village Shopping Center.

Former Speaker Gingrich spoke to the Alabama Political Reporter about the Republican GOP race.  “It is wide open,” Speaker Gingrich said of the Republican Presidential contest.

Gingrich said that (Donald) Trump and (Dr. Ben) Carson are leading the field and nobody thought that six months or a year ago.  “Why would you trust the polls now?” It is going to change between now and the primaries.

Callista signed copies of her new children’s book, Christmas in America and Newt signed copies of his new political thriller, Duplicity.

Duplicity is a fictional political thriller.  According to the description at,Duplicity is set in the midst of a presidential election.  While that is going on, the President makes a decision that puts American lives in danger and causes an embassy attack which includes taking hostages captive. US Marine Brooke Grant and CIA agent Gunter Conner have to save the new American embassy in Mogadishu, Somalia as Islamic militants attack.

GingrichA former West Georgia University Professor, Gingrich (72) has written or co-authored 27 books including: ‘Winning the Future’, ‘Grant Comes East: a Novel of the Civil War; ‘Rediscovering God in America’; ‘Victory at Yorktown’; ‘Real Change: From the World that Fails to the World that Works’; ‘Never Call Retreat: Lee and Grant: the Final Victory’; ‘Gettysburg: A Novel of the Civil War’; ‘5 Principles for a Successful Life’; ‘Saving Lives and Saving Money’; ‘The Art of Transformation’; ‘Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous With History’; ‘A Nation Like No Other: Why American Exceptionalism Matters’; ‘Restoring the American Dream: What we Pledge to do Now’; ‘The Battle of the Crater’; ‘A Contract with the Earth’; etc.

Gingrich served in the Congress for 20 years from 1979 to 1999 including four years as the Speaker of the House.  In 2012 Gingrich was a Republican candidate for President of the United States.  He came in a very close second in the Alabama Republican Primary.

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At the GOP Presidential forum at the Alabama Theater in 2012, then candidate Gingrich in response to the question, “How will you lead the nation back to God?” Gingrich said, “You have to have a President who believes that is part of his responsibility. You have to have a President who believes in praying.”  Gingrich said that we need to “re-center the country.” “Part of it frankly is bringing the federal judges back to enforcing the constitution not changing it.”  Gingrich said that he had written “a 54 page document on how you bring the judiciary back in line and end this lawless imposition of anti-religious bigots.” Gingrich said that the media and the elites have made anti-Christian bigotry fashionable.  He said it was “reprehensible and this type of behavior should not be tolerated in polite society.”


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Brandon Moseley is a senior reporter with over nine years at Alabama Political Reporter. During that time he has written 8,856 articles for APR. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Facebook. Brandon is a native of Moody, Alabama, a graduate of Auburn University, and a seventh generation Alabamian.



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