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The Fat Lady has sung; get over it

By Jack Campbell
Alabama Politcal Reporter

On November 8, 2016, the fat lady sang, and her tune to Republican loyalists and conservative Americans was melodious. Donald Trump, the nemesis of establishment politicians and their ideals of greed and elitism, defied all the odds and polls and was elected President of the United States over his rival, the Democrat re-tread, Hillary Clinton.

Since that historic day, liberal newspaper, magazine, television and blog columnists (who transformed themselves from journalists into editorialists during 2016) never will acknowledge it was a fair election where the candidate with the best message prevailed. Instead, they are mystified that hard-working, mainstream Americans could be so stupid, so bigoted, so uneducated as to elect this outspoken billionaire with no experience.

On top of that, this same media crowd crucified in print and on the airwaves Trump because he answered a debate question, saying he’d have to wait until after the election to decide whether or not he’d accept the results. That story loomed over his campaign for a week. But once the final votes were tallied, these same dishonest journalists have yet come to grips that Trump was the winner.

Rather than talking up the greatness of democratic elections, the media is now harping on the anti-Trump protests and how Trump’s transition is moving too slowly compared with others, as if anyone cares that it’s a deliberative process. I have never seen in all of my years of watching presidential contests (going back to Nixon vs. Humphrey in 1968) the constant drumbeat of subliminal and outright attacks on a man who hasn’t even been inaugurated. It is a disgrace and an insult to all of us who voted for sanity over greed and corruption.

Here’s a message to all of the Clinton supporters who continue to blast Trump, who seek counseling and who wear the veil of grief: You nominated a person who was flawed from day one–whose values aren’t in tune with the average Joe. When Hillary campaigned on “helping families,” she failed to tell us it was her family she wanted to help. Leaving the White House in 2000, the Clintons were, in her words, “broke.” In 2014, the Clintons “earned” $38 million, or that was what they reported. No person in America who is honest with himself or herself could actually believe she was or is a person of principle and integrity.

The very idea that protesters across this country are being financially compensated for disrupting cities is one of the most disgraceful and horrendous acts I can remember. If you love this nation, you get up everyday and thank God you live here. You count your blessings that in January the baton of power will be handed over from one person to another–two men as far apart philosophically and politically as can be–and no blood will be shed.

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What you don’t do is wring your hands, curl up in the fetal position or verbally assault people who voted opposite of the way you did. You don’t take to the streets setting dumpsters on fire, looting businesses or impeding traffic all because the election didn’t go your way. You sit by, give the new team a chance, and pray for its success. Why? Because whatever has transpired in the last eight years isn’t working.

Trump won. Fair and square. The fat lady has sung, and it’s time to move forward.


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