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Committee Approves Bill Allowing Students to Use Sunscreen

Brandon Moseley



By Brandon Moseley

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 the Alabama Senate Health Committee voted to give a favorable report to allow school children to use sunscreen. Senate Bill 63 was sponsored by Senate Health Committee Chairman Jim McClendon (R from Springville).

Sen. McClendon said, “This is a pretty simple bill.” Students would be authorized to use sunscreen at school.

Sen. Paul Bussman (R from Cullman) asked, “Can you explain why this is necessary?”

Sen. McClendon said there are some people who interpret the law about bills and medications to include sunscreen. I agree with you 100 percent.

Sen. Bussman said, “Are they allowed to use chap stick at school?”

Sen. McClendon laughed. “I may have to come with a chap stick bill.”


Bussman asked, Who are the parties telling us that we need to have this?


McClendon said, “Blaine Galliher brought me the bill on behalf of Johnson and Johnson.”

Galliher is a lobbyist after a distinguished career as a Republican legislator and as Governor Robert Bentley’s legislative director.

Sen. Linda Coleman-Madison (D from Birmingham) asked if the State Board of Education supported the bill.

McClendon said, “They agreed to it.”

Senate Bill 63 received a favorable report by an 8 to 0 margin after approving a substitute bill with changes recommended by the school board. The bill will next go to the Senate floor.

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