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Brinson promotes Zambia trade deal

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Tuesday, May 30, 2017, US Senate Randy Brinson (R) spoke about the success of his African trade mission and the significant benefits it will bring to Alabama’s farmers, agribusiness and related industries.

Brinson said, “The response of the Zambian government and people has been amazing. They have agreed to set aside 300,000 acres of land to diversify and expand their agricultural industry. Cotton and corn are their primary crops, but we’ll be working with them to expand their crop base with soybeans, sweet potatoes, sorghum and millet, just to start. Zambian farmers will be able to produce both human and livestock feeds at higher levels than ever before, and Alabama farm know-how is the reason why.”

Brinson said that other Alabama industries will also directly benefit from this mission. The Zambian government wants to expand Zambia’s transportation and energy infrastructure to accommodate their increased agricultural production. Brinson said that it will be Alabama companies that do this, creating even more jobs for Alabamians.

Brinson said, “We’ll be working with the government as well as local farmers, Mission hospitals and charitable NGOs to improve housing and health care for the farmers and their families. This is a tremendous opportunity for Alabamians and Zambians to work together for everyone’s benefit.”

Brinson said that the people he’s met are “eager for Alabama investment and expertise”, and noted this will help counter the strong Chinese presence in the country. Brinson claimed that working on these projects will strengthen relationships between Zambia and the USA and push back against China’s efforts to dominate the region. “Opening Zambia to Alabama investment will be the the tide that lifts both boats.” “As Zambians produce more, they can export more to America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and India. This will let them afford to import more from Alabama and the USA, creating even more Alabama jobs. It also gives us direct access for Alabama products to these global markets.”

Zambia’s copper-based economy was the fastest-growing in Africa until copper prices slumped in 2015. This is Brinson’s fourth trade mission to Africa as part of his Alabama Agribusiness Renaissance Initiative.

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Brinson said that he will now resume campaigning for the US Senate seat previously held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Brinson is a businessman and a doctor. He formerly was the President of the Alabama Christian Coalition.

Ten Republicans are running for the US Senate race as Republicans. According to the Alabama Republican Party, the following individuals submitted qualifying paperwork to run for the US Senate seat: James Paul Beretta, Joseph F. Breault, Randy Brinson, Mo Brooks, Dom Gentile, Mary Maxwell, Roy Moore, Bryan Peeples, Trip Pittman, and Luther Strange.

Karen Haiden Jackson was disqualified by the Alabama Republican Party because she had run as an independent in a judicial race last year.

Eight candidates qualified with the Alabama Democratic Party to run in the U.S. Senate Special Primary Election. Qualified candidates are Will Boyd, Vann Caldwell, Jason Fisher, Michael Hansen, Doug Jones, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Brian McGee, and Nana Tchienkou.

The special major party primaries are on August 15. The Special General Election will be on December 12, 2017.


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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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