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Former Pastor joins Governor’s race

By Sam Mattison
Alabama Political Reporter

Former Pastor Jason Childs officially entered Alabama’s race for Governor as a Democrat, after qualifying on Monday.

Childs’ platform consists of marijuana law reform that would legalize the drug and tax it for state income.

“It should have never been made illegal in the first place,” a statement from Childs said. “It is time to end this silly prohibition against a plant so many people are already using in Alabama.”

Childs said the funds from the marijuana tax will be used for schools, healthcare and other budget shortfalls. On healthcare, Childs has said that expanding government programs such as Medicare is a “moral obligation.”

“The Republicans running this state on behalf of their billionaire donors have proven that they are not pro-life at all,” Childs said. “The fact of the matter is, lives have been lost in Alabama because of their unwillingness to accept progress.”

His platform also includes environmental issues.

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“The Republicans in Washington are gutting the EPA, and fighting against every environmental protection agenda put forward,” a statement from Childs said. “We have seen the devastating consequences of unmitigated greed first hand in Alabama. The BP oil spill was a reminder of the dangers of unregulated capitalism.”

Childs founded the Center for Progress in Alabama. The group is about “improving the lives of Alabamians through progressive ideals and actions,” according to their mission statement.

A graduate of Liberty University, Childs spent his time as an evangelical pastor until he decided to take the job of a truck driver. He has said the experience has helped him to understand the American people more.

“These people are not the wicked sinners that I was taught, they are hardworking Americans who just want to be able to pay their bills, raise their families, and enjoy good times with their friends and loved ones,” Childs said in a statement.

According to their mission statement, this experience became the basis for the Center for Progress in Alabama.

Childs joins five other people who have already declared their intention to run for the gubernatorial race set for 2018. He is the second Democrat to officially join the race.


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