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Moore accuses establishment Republicans led by Mitch McConnell with trying to sabotage his campaign

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore on Friday accused establishment Republicans of, “Colluding with the Obama-Clinton Machine behind-the-scenes in a desperate effort to sabotage my campaign.”

Judge Moore’s comments were in a fundraising letter sent out to supporters urging them to contribute to his campaign.  Moore’s campaign has been left having to depend on only his network of small individual donors after the Republican National Committee (RNC) pulled its people and resources out of the state on Tuesday and reneged on an agreement to help provide support for Moore in the general election.

Judge Moore wrote, “It’s sad but true… .According to sources, establishment Republicans are colluding with the Obama-Clinton Machine behind-the-scenes in a desperate effort to sabotage my campaign and keep me out of Washington.  Fake news reporter Chuck Todd of NBC even called out McConnell for attempting to sabotage my campaign — referring to the recent attacks as an effort “orchestrated” by Mitch McConnell and his cronies.”

“Apparently Mitch McConnell and the establishment GOP would rather elect a radical pro-abortion Democrat than a conservative Christian as the next U.S. Senator from Alabama,” Judge Moore wrote.  “I’ve been abandoned by Washington’s establishment Republicans with just four weeks left before Election Day.  I must be able to count on the support of God-fearing conservatives like you to help me defeat the forces of evil seeking to crush out and destroy our conservative movement — starting with me on December 12.”

Moore said that he is fighting: the national DNC, the Obama-Clinton Machine, “Billionaire George Soros and his army of radical left-wing foot soldiers.  And now Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and the establishment GOP — the same Republicans who attempted to sabotage Donald Trump’s campaign — are gunning for me with everything they’ve got.”

The Moore campaign has been rocked by reporting from the Washington Post and that alleges that Moore acted inappropriately with women in previous decades.  “And I’m it’s only going to get worse the closer it gets to Election Day,”: Moore said.  “So won’t you please stand

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Moore said that, “The good news is, national Tea Party and conservative leaders across the country are rallying behind me and my campaign.  In fact, my good friend, Congressman Steve King of Iowa, slammed the gaggle of anti-Trump Republican Senators attempting to gut me and my campaign behind the scenes.”

“The good people of Alabama are smarter than the liberal media and the GOP establishment,” Moore said.  “They know Mitch McConnell and his cronies dropped nearly $30 MILLION to defeat me during our hard-fought primary campaign.  But more importantly, voters understand the outcome of this election is about far more than Alabama.  The good people of Alabama know the outcome of this election could determine the future of our country.  And they’re rising up in droves and rallying behind me, my family and my campaign.  That’s why, if I can raise the resources to counter the filthy and disgusting attacks and get the truth out directly to voters across Alabama, I’m confident you and I can defeat McConnell and the Obama-Clinton Machine on December 12.”

Moore is running against Clinton-era U.S. Attorney Doug Jones.

Democrats have not won any statewide election since 2008 when former Lieutenant. Governor Lucy Baxley beat Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh for Public Service Commission president.  The accusations about Moore’s conduct in the late 1970s Gadsden dating scene however have helped Jones in the polls.  While Moore is being starved from funds by his enemies in the Washington Republican establishment, Jones’s campaign is suddenly awash in out-of-state funds.  Democrats are very hopeful that questions about Moore will translate into Democrats cutting the Republicans two seat majority in the Senate in half.

The special election will be on Tuesday, December 12.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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