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Connie Glover endorses Twinkle Cavanaugh for lieutenant governor

Connie Glover, the wife of Senator Rusty Glover, who finished third in the June 5 Republican primary for lieutenant governor, endorsed Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh in the same race.

“My first choice for Lt. Governor was and still is my husband Rusty Glover, but God had other plans,” Glover said. “Twinkle is a Christian, lifelong conservative, pro-life Republican, wife, mother, and a dedicated public servant. Twinkle will fight to strengthen our education system and grow jobs.”

Glover concluded the endorsement with, “I am proud to support Twinkle in this extremely important election for our state in the Republican Primary Runoff for Lt. Governor. Please join me in voting for Twinkle on Tuesday.”

Cavanaugh and Sen. Glover have worked together in the past on the Alabama Strike Force Team that knocked on doors in the Panhandle of Florida for President Donald Trump’s campaign. According to the press release, this stands in contrast to Cavanaugh’s runoff opponent, Rep. Will Ainsworth, who called President Trump “a con artist, not a conservative” and said Trump’s “ridiculous act has gone far enough and we have to put a stop to it now.”

There is one day remaining before the significant election, and this endorsement, “serves as a rallying call to all of Sen. Glover’s voters.”

“I know God has great plans for Connie and Rusty Glover,” Cavanaugh said. “I am extremely grateful for their friendship and this endorsement.”

Cavanaugh is the current Public Service Commission president and is also a former chairman of the Alabama Republican Party. She will be facing Will Ainsworth in the Republican runoff election tomorrow on Tuesday, July 17.

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