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Adair says that GOP should be extremely concerned about losses in gubernatorial races in Louisiana and Kentucky

Republican democrat political division concept and American election fight as as two mountain cliff sculptures shaped as an elephant and donkey symbol fighting for the vote of the United states presidential and government seats.

U.S. Senate candidate Stanley Adair (R) said that if the Republican party chooses the wrong Senator then Alabama Republicans could lose the Senate race in the 2020 general election, similarly to recent gubernatorial losses in Louisiana and Kentucky.

“The Republican Party should be extremely concerned,” Adair said in a statement. “After losing the Governor races in Louisiana and Kentucky. If the party chooses a candidate that cannot win against the Dems, the past may be repeated.”

“The field is crowded with career Politicians that cannot defeat the Democrats,” Adair claimed. “The likes of Sessions and others that believe they are the only choice. According to many people throughout the state, Sessions is ONE of the reasons that the Country is going through these fake impeachment inquiries today by recusing himself.”

“Byrne is weak on policy and was against the President from the beginning,” Adair charged. “These sell-outs are the problems with our Government and the people of Alabama know this. Congress has a dismal rating of thirteen percent.”

Adair said that some of the candidates, “Fit the same molds as Sell-outs, like a washed-up coach that for a little more money will leave you for another team. We must get this right this time around and choose a candidate that can take us to victory in the Alabama Senate race. We should be talking about the issues that all Alabamians are facing.”

“I guess I am just being brutally honest about the way I see things,” Adair concluded. “The People of Alabama deserve to be put first for a change. It’s not the office that makes the Man—it’s the Man that makes the office.”

Adair is a businessman and former televangelist. He is a lifelong native of Northwest Alabama and emphasizes hard work in his campaign. He began his career as a furniture assembly line worker and after learning the craft, would later go on to build Adair Furniture Inc. Adair says that he has always worked hard to bring jobs to Northwest Alabama. Adair has engaged in many businesses from a restaurant to a TV station. In early 2000’s he hosted a television show on DIRECTV and dish networks.

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Adair is running in a crowded Republican field that includes: Congressman Bradley Byrne, State Representative Arnold Mooney, former Dothan Mayoral candidate Ruth Page Nelson, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Secretary of State John Merrill, former Chief Justice Roy Moore, and former Auburn head football Coach Tommy Tuberville.
The Republican primary is March 3.

The eventual Republican nominee will face Doug Jones (D) in the general election. Sessions held the seat for twenty years; until vacating it to serve as Trump’s attorney general. Jones narrowly defeated Judge Moore in a special election in 2017.

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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



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