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Alabama Policy Institute President Caleb Crosby’s statement on defeat of Amendment 1

Alabama State Board of Education

Today Alabamians chose not to take a grand opportunity to reject the status quo and the recent ineptitude of the State School Board which has led to Alabama’s dead last ranking in education. The rejection of Amendment 1 places an even bigger gap between the children of Alabama and the quality education they deserve.

It is easy to oppose something, but real leadership offers ideas,. Reforming the State School Board, though not the final answer, was certainly a first step in the improvement process.

I challenge all those who stood against the amendment to stop just barking and come to the table with actual solutions to bring about real change in education. So far, no one who stood opposed to Amendment 1 has offered a single idea to improve Alabama’s dead last ranking.

Unfortunately, politics and misinformation has won out, and the careers of politicians were placed ahead of the needs of children and families.

Yes, the defeat of Amendment 1 is a hurdle in the quest for educational excellence, but it is not the last word on the issue. The Alabama Policy Institute remains committed to championing education reform from the State House to the schoolhouse; our children deserve nothing less.”

The Alabama Policy Institute is a non-profit, non-partisan educational and research organization based in Birmingham which advocates for free markets, limited government, and strong families. Crosby, a veteran of the George W. Bush administration, including a stint at the White House, has been president of API since 2013.


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