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Gubernatorial candidate Dean Odle to speak to Cleburne County GOP

Gubernatorial candidate Dean Odle is the pastor of Fire and Grace Church in the Auburn-Opelika area.

Dean Odle

Gubernatorial candidate Dean Odle will address the Cleburne County Republican Party on Tuesday, April 6.

“I am a life-long Republican and I am running as a Republican for Governor of Alabama,” Odle writes on his website. “However, we Republicans, true conservatives and patriots in Alabama can no longer afford to keep electing fake/weak Republicans who trample our Constitutional rights and enrich themselves with unethical schemes. These fake Republicans (along with their socialist Democrat partners) have been undermining the founding principles and values of America and Alabama for decades. Some do it for money and power, but many of them have pledged allegiance to the New World Order agenda. That agenda demands the United States to give up its sovereignty and weapons to allow the United Nations to become an all-powerful world government. They want us all to become good “global citizens” instead of patriotic Americans.”

Odle claims that the coronavirus was purposely released to advance “The New World Order.”

“The New World Order plan has many tentacles, but it was put into overdrive in 2020 with the purposeful release of the Coronavirus,” Odle claimed. “Since then, we have witnessed renegade governors and mayors shutdown churches which is restricting the free exercise of religion (a violation of the First Amendment). These governors (including our own Governor Kay Ivey) and state health officials have destroyed businesses, churches and divided us in the process. Some of these officials have hindered people from getting life-saving medication either through ignorance or outright obstruction simply because President Trump mentioned it. There is also a plot to mandate dangerous vaccines to the entire world. Some governors and national politicians like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia are also trying to take away our 2nd Amendment rights.”

“We need leaders who don’t look to the corrupt, liberal news media or Deep State-infiltrated, government institutions to make their decisions,” Odle continued. “We need real leaders who understand what is really happening behind the scenes and what is coming in the very near future. We need leaders who are prepared to stand against every aspect of this New World Order takeover. This is why I am running for Governor of Alabama. For over three decades, I have researched, wrote about, and warned hundreds of thousands of people about this nefarious infiltration of our institutions by corrupt politicians (both Republican and Democrat). It is time to elect leaders who are really AWAKE. We need leaders who will stand against all facets of this anti-America/anti-freedom agenda. As Governor of Alabama, I promise that I will fight to KEEP ALABAMA FREE during the difficult days ahead of us.”

Odle spent much of his childhood in Opelika, where he attended public schools there. The family moved to Montgomery, where he received his diploma from Jefferson Davis High School. Odle attended Troy University. In 1987, he had a religious experience and dedicated his life to the Lord.

“I had a dramatic encounter with Jesus Christ and soon afterward, I answered His call to the ministry,” Odle said. “Since then, I have shared my story and the gospel of Jesus Christ in Israel, the Island of Mauritius, Nigeria, and all over America. I have served as a youth pastor, senior pastor, church planter, educator, author, counselor, and leader for over 33 years (receiving an honorary Ph.D. from Pilgrims University in 2002). For a short season in 2008, I served as pastor of a church in Washington, D.C. (that I had helped plant in 2003).”

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In 2008, Odle returned to Alabama to start a new church, Fire & Grace Church in the Auburn-Opelika area. Odle added Fire & Grace School of Ministry in 2018. The church and school broadcasts reach 80,000 to 100,000 viewers every month across the globe. Odle and his wife, Nancy, have three children, two of which are grown. They and their youngest daughter live in Cusseta with their five dogs.

Odle spoke to St. Clair County Republicans on Saturday in Pell City. The Cleburne County meeting will be at 6 p.m. CST at the Heflin Recreation Center at 1228 Coleman Street Heflin, AL 36264.

Odle is the first candidate to announce for governor. It is not known yet whether Gov. Kay Ivey will seek re-election. Many prospective candidates are waiting for Ivey to announce her decision before announcing their own plans. The major party primaries will be in May 2022.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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