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Mo Brooks addresses Fayette County Republicans

Brooks spoke to the Fayette County Republican Party at their regular monthly meeting.

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks in a previous campaign video.

Congressman Mo Brooks, R-Alabama, on Tuesday spoke to the Fayette County Republican Party at their regular monthly meeting at the Fayette County Civic Center. Brooks is a candidate for U.S. Senate.

“I am an eyewitness to the events that are going on,” Brooks said. “I report things to you as they happened without the filter of the media and believe me that the media has an agenda.”

“America is the greatest nation in world history,” Brooks said. “Our wealth. We are number on in wealth per capita. Number 1 in history. Number 1 in freedom, number 1 in national security. No nation on Earth has been able to project itself internationally like we have.”

Brooks stated that he supports the foundational principles of the nation.

“We get to vote on our leaders,” Brooks said. “There are parts of the world that have never gotten to do that.”

“We have a document that gives us the bill of rights,” Brooks continued. “Freedom of Speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, a right to ask for redress from our government, the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, a right to have a jury trial.”

“Right now, most of those things are under attack,” Brooks said. “We have people who want to control our speech.”

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Brooks said that “big tech” is denying the peoples’ right to engage in free speech. Brooks said that there is nothing that they can do to control big tech unless the right people are in the Congress and in the presidency. Brooks suggested that big tech (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc) should be treated like a public utility and regulated to ensure that they don’t limit the American peoples’ free speech rights.

“I gave nine House floor speeches that shifted from one person that believed there was election fraud and theft to 148,” Brooks said. “I took a lead role, maybe the lead role.”

“I have had 37 ethics complaints filed against me with the Bar Association,” Brooks said. “I did not even know that I was still a member of the Bar. I thought all of that was behind me. I have not paid dues since 2010.”

“Thus far it is Mo Brooks 37 to far Left zero,” Brooks said of the Bar complaints.

“If they can do it to a United States Congressman, they can do it to you,” Brooks continued.

Brooks said that the media took “a little snippet” out of context in his January 6th speech. “I was talking about the 2022 and 2024 elections.”

“Understand my role in the United States House of Representatives is to fight for our values,” Brooks said.

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“Crazy plus power equals danger,” Brooks said of the far left in Congress. “We had to debate on the House floor whether a man is a man and whether a woman is a woman. I thought that was settled millenia ago.”

“They want to take the hard earned wages from those who work for a living and give it to those who want to vote for a living,” Brooks said of the Left.

“I am not going to be a wall flower,” Brooks said. “I am going to be making strong remarks. Sometimes that gets me in trouble; but that does not matter; because I want to make a difference.”

“Mike Rogers was kind enough to introduce me; and he said but we don’t call him Mo Brooks, we call him No Brooks because he votes no a lot,” Brooks said. “I am now No Rogers.”

“Yale estimated there are 23 million illegal aliens in the United States,” Brooks said. “They murder over 2,000 Americans a year. That is a Pearl Harbor every year; but you won’t hear the media report on that. And that does not count the 37,000 that are killed from drug overdoses from drugs they bring across the southern border.”

“I am for America. I believe, like Ronald Reagan believed, that a rising tide lifts all boats,” Brooks explained.

A young woman in the audience, who had recently graduated from Judson College, asked Brooks what he could do about the College closing?

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“I do not believe it is the responsibility of the federal government to get involved,” Brooks said. “There ought to be competition. I am not going to get into this particular college.”

“I am for Alabama,” Brooks continued. “I don’t believe that I should be micromanaging college and universities.”

Another woman in the audience said that Richard Shelby has been good at bringing federal dollars to Alabama and asked Brooks if he would be a Senator for Alabama like Shelby has been.”

“I will be an entirely different person and I will not run up a $30 trillion debt if I can in anyway do anything to stop it,” Brooks said. “If your goal is to get as much federal money as possible, then don’t vote for me. I am not your candidate.”

“It is up to the local communities to bring in Mazda and Toyota,” Brooks explained.

One member of the audience asked if the Arizona election results are overturned, what happens then?

“Congress decided to accept those Electoral Votes without any investigation whatsoever,” Brooks said. “The law is very clear, Congress will meet on January 6 to consider the electoral college results. They did that.” If Arizona overturns their Electoral College results, “We are in uncharted waters.”

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A member of the audience asked Brooks what he can do in the Senate that he can’t do in the House.

“The rules are different in the Senate,” Brooks said. “One representative on the Republican side is like a potted plant,” when Democrats have the majority.

“It does not matter whether you have seniority or not,” Brooks added. “The majority rules in the House. In the Senate, you are one out of a 100 versus one out of 435.”

The Senate also has rules like the filibuster, blue slipping, a vote on the judiciary, a vote on treaties, in the House you have no vote explained.

“The Democrats want to get rid of the Second Amendment,” Brooks said in response to an audience question. “They keep chipping away at it until they can remove it altogether. Their goal is to have a Marxist takeover of the country. To do that you have to strip the citizenry of the ability to defend the Republic.”

Brooks was asked about term limits.

“I have cosponsored legislation,” Brooks answered. “But to be honest with you it is not going to go anywhere. If you want Congress to limit their own terms it ain’t going to happen without an Article V convention. That is a nice hypothetical; but even some conservatives oppose a convention.”

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“The polling has me at 58 percent,” Brooks said in response to a question about the race.

On Sunday, a process server delivered a subpoena to Brooks’ home.

“They chased down my wife and went inside the House by plopping it down in front of her,” Brooks said. “She was scared to death.”

“I have been shot at,” Brooks said. “I have had threats on my life. Rand Paul has had five different death threats,” but that he was particularly angered at Swalwell’s process server confronting his wife, “Inside our house.”

“This guy committed a crime to do it,” Brooks said. “We have a good security system.”

The video shows him “Sprinting inside the garage,” Brooks added. “I think Martha is going to end up swearing out a warrant for criminal trespass.”

Mo Brooks served for ten years in the Alabama House of Representatives. He is a former Madison County Commissioner and prosecutor. Brooks has served in Congress for five terms before his current term in the House. Brooks has an A+ rating from the Susan B. Anthony list for his pro-life voting record. He also has an A+ rating from Numbers USA and a lifetime A rating from the National Rifle Association. Brooks is a graduate of Duke University and the Alabama School of Law.

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Martha Brooks also spoke briefly to the crowd and said, “We have four children. They are all married. We have ten grandchildren with three on the way.”

Fayette County Republican Party Chairman John Killian said, “Make no mistake there is a war going on between socialism and capitalism. There is a war going on between secularists and God-fearing people. I have known this man for 35 years, and he is a proven warrior.”

Also on Tuesday, former Business Council of Alabama President and CEO Katie Boyd Britt announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. Former Ambassador to Slovenia Lynda Blanchard is also running for Senate.

The Republican Primary will be May 24, 2022.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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