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Durant begins “Alabama First” campaign tour

Durant said he will focus on “stopping COVID mandates, defending our constitutional rights and firing the career politicians across the state.”

Mike Durant in a Senate campaign video.

Mike Durant, a Republican candidate to represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate, has announced the beginning of his “Alabama First” campaign tour.

Durant touts himself as a pro-Trump conservative, a successful businessman and political outsider and emphasizes his role in the operations chronicled in the 2001 film “Black Hawk Down.”

Starting today, Durant said his campaign will focus on the messages of “stopping COVID mandates, defending our constitutional rights and firing the career politicians across the state.”

“In Washington, career politicians who have never had a real job make awful decisions that hurt middle-class families and small businesses in Alabama,” Durant said. “I’m running for Senate to change that. We need leaders with the real-world experience to get the job done. Like President Trump, I’m a political outsider. I’ve spent my life defending our country and building a successful business. I look forward to traveling around our state and talking with Alabamians who are ready for new leadership in Washington.”

Durant will be meeting with voters and visiting small businesses who he says have been hurt by the Biden administration’s “disastrous policies.”

Durant was involved in one of the most famous incidents in recent military history, when the Blackhawk helicopter he was piloting was shot down in Somalia in 1993. Durant also authored a memoir of the incident, in which he describes his 11 days as a POW in Somalia and his rescue. 

After his release in Somalia, Durant returned to service and received numerous medals, including the Purple Heart, Bronze Star and Army Distinguished Service medal, before his retirement. 

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Durant is currently the CEO and president of Pinnacle Solutions, an aerospace engineering firm located in Huntsville. The company primarily offers flight simulation and training services, and also offers airplane maintenance and service options. Pinnacle has contracts with the various branches of the U.S. military and several of the usual defense contractors.

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