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Week in review: Senate

There were still a number of bills that passed despite one less day.

The floor of the Alabama Senate during a special session. JOHN H. GLENN/APR
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Last week the Senate only convened twice on the Senate Floor, however, there were still a number of bills that passed despite one less day.

Here’s a look at what made it through the Senate.

HB3 by Rep. Rolanda Hollis – to prohibit smoking or vaping in a motor vehicle when a child under 14 years of age is present. 30-0

HB56 by Rep. Frances-Holk Jones – to provide further for the scope of practice of licensees relating to social work. 32-0

HB66 by Rep. Joe Lovvorn – to remove the time limit for purchasing hazardous duty time for prior eligible service for certain firefighters, law enforcement officers, and correctional officers covered under the Employees’ Retirement System or the Teachers’ Retirement System as Tier I plan members. Passed 32-0

HB79 by Rep. Philip Rigsby – to require individuals who produce goods for pharmaceutical supply chains to obtain an annual permit from the Board of Pharmacy. Passed 32-0

HB114 by Rep. Matt Woods – to provide for the disposition of unclaimed funds held in a county treasury after being unclaimed for a certain number of years. Passed 32-0

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HB162 by Rep. Ed Oliver – to amend the Alabama Medical Liability Act of 1996 and provide that the term “health care provider” as used in that act and the Alabama Medical Liability Act of 1987 would include emergency medical services personnel and any emergency medical provider service. Passed 32-0

SB15 by Sen. Shay Shelnutt – relating to motor vehicle value protection agreements and the requirements of a provider of the agreements to insure performance of the obligations of the provider; to further clarify the requirements of an insurance policy maintained by the provider for this purpose. Passed 32-0

SB36 by Sen. Elliott – To increase the minimum amount for contracts of city and county boards of education subject to competitive bid from $15,000 to $25,000.

SB60 by Sen. April Weaver – to amend the Alabama Code relating to the Board of Nursing and to remove the cap on the amount of loan awarded annually; to provide further for the definition of a critical need area; and to remove certain penalties for defaulting.

SB67 by Sen. Clyde Chambliss – relating to educational benefits for qualified active members; to limit the amount of private tuition reimbursed to eligible no guard members to the highest tuition of any public institution in the state; to clarify the law relating to stackable undergraduate credentials

SB103 by Sen. Arthur Orr – To require the State Ethics Commission to provide an alleged violator with certain exculpatory evidence.

SB120 by Sen. Linda-Coleman Davis – to allow a detention facility to adopt a policy to further define what items constitute “contraband” for purposes of banning certain items from detention facilities and further define the crimes of promoting contraband in the first, second, and third degree to apply to juveniles under certain circumstances. Passed 32-0

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SB132 by Sen. Rodger Smitherman – to expand missing and endangered persons alerts to include individuals who have been abducted. Passed 32-0

SB150 by Sen. Givhan – To provide that once a judge of probate vacates a map or plat that is recorded in electronic form, he or she shall issue a certificate indicating that the map or plat has been vacated, and the certificate shall be made a part of the property records to which it pertains. Passed 32-0

SB153 by Sen. Arthur Orr – To provide that a judge may order that an offender charged with a Class A or Class B violent offense be supervised by the Board of Pardons and Paroles as a condition of his or her bond. Passed 32-0

SB154 by Sen. Will Barfoot – To provide that an individual’s driver license or driving privilege may be suspended for violating his or her written bond to appear or otherwise failing to appear for an initial court date or for failing to appear in court on two or more occasions when the court appearance is for a post adjudication compliance review of court ordered conditions. Passed 32-0

SB166 by Sen. Givhan – To provide that Class 3 municipalities may establish self-help business improvement districts. Passed 32-0

SB167 by Sen. Josh Carnley – to allow health insurers to communicate with enrollees regarding their health insurance plan or policy by electronic means. Passed 32-0

SB174 by Sen. Josh Carnley – To provide further for the compensation of retired law enforcement officers providing services as school resource officers for local boards of education. Passed 32-0

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SB183 by Sen. Garlan Gudger – to exclude consideration of a motor carrier’s use of safety improvements, technologies, practices, and driver coaching in determining a motor carrier driver’s classification as an independent contractor or an employee under state law. Passed 32-0

SB189 by Sen. Greg Albritton – to revise the circumstances under which the Alabama Medicaid Agency may revise the ceiling for the Medicaid reimbursement rate to nursing facilities during a given fiscal year. Passed 32-0

SB192 by Sen. Albritton – To provide that industrial access roads constructed by a public corporation and used for secured entry to an industrial facility shall not constitute a taking of public property. Passed 32-0

SB195 by Sen. Tom Butler – to provide further for membership of the Contract Review Permanent Legislative Oversight Committee. Passed 32-0

HB33 by Rep. Tracy Estes – providing for the distribution of the proceeds of a local tobacco tax in the county, to further provide for the distribution of a portion of the proceeds to the Marion County Firefighters Association. Passed 27-0

HB60 by Rep. Corley Ellis – to delete the requirement for insurance producers, independent adjusters, apprentice independent adjusters, and title insurance agents to complete a pre-licensing course of study approved by the Commissioner of Insurance prior to licensure by the department; and to eliminate the issuance of new service representative licenses prospectively and to authorize a current licensee to renew his or her license. Passed 27-0

HB102 by Rep. Alan Baker – to authorize the county commission to provide a supplemental salary to the sheriff for the performance of additional duties relating to the operation of the county pound. Passed 27-0

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HB141 by Rep. Corley Ellis – to authorize disability insurers to offer paid family leave benefit policies. Passed 27-0

HB144 by Rep. Jim Hill – to provide for a certification process for court interpreters and amend the Code of Alabama. Passed 27-0

HB146 by Rep. Jim Hill – to provide for the electronic filing of business personal property tax returns in the Office of the St. Clair County Revenue Commissioner; and to authorize the revenue commissioner to establish procedures for filing of the returns. Passed 27-0

HB150 by Rep. Jim Hill – to further provide for the expense allowance and salary of the Revenue Commissioner of St. Clair County. Passed 27-0

HB161 by Rep. David Faulkner – to authorize the Insurance Department to post notice of hearings for the consideration of matters which would otherwise require separate notices to more than 50 persons on a website maintained by the department; and to require the department to post notices of hearings held for consideration of rules of the commissioner on a website maintained by the department and to publish the notices in the Alabama Administrative Monthly.

HB222 by Rep. Ron Bolton – to further provide for the expense allowance and salary of the Revenue Commissioner of Pickens County.

HB224 by Rep. Randall Shedd – to provide for the creation, funding, and operation of the Cullman County Legislative Delegation Fund; to provide for the distribution of the net proceeds of the state beer tax payable to Cullman County and the additional three percent of TVA in-lieu-of taxes payments received by Cullman County; to abolish the Cullman County Community Development Commission;

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HB245 by Rep. David Standridge – to provide for a new court cost to fund payments to employees of the sheriff’s office who perform hazardous duties; and conditioning operation on voter approval at a referendum.

SB18 by Sen. William H. Beasley – to require national boards making certifications to the state board relating to the practice of prosthetists and orthotists to be approved by the state board; to delete requirements relating to accreditation of national boards by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. Passed 29-0

SB129 by Sen. Bobby Singleton – to designate the Commissioner of Corrections and deputy commissioners of corrections who have earned and maintain APOSTC certification as correctional officers or law enforcement officers for state retirement purposes; and to provide that the designation is retroactive. Passed 31-0

SB155 by Sen. April Weaver – to provide further for qualifications for licensure as a physician.

SB175 by Sen. Arthur Orr – To establish the ReEngage Alabama Grant Program; to provide grant award payments to eligible adult learners; to provide eligibility standards, and to provide for administration by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education

SB178 by Sen. Clyde Chambliss – to expand eligibility for educational benefits to spouses of those who were killed while on active state duty status or whose death results proximately and within three years of an injury sustained while on state active duty status.

SB187 by Sen. J.T. ‘Jabo’ Waggoner – to delete conflicting language regarding compensation of Alabama Security Regulatory Board members; and to provide further for criminal history background checks on applicants for licensure or certification and renewal.

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SB 201 by Sen. Josh Carnley – to provide an exception to allow an individual on active military duty, whose motor vehicle is registered in Alabama but who, as a result of his or her military assignment, is required to reside in another state, to satisfy the requirement for mandatory motor vehicle liability insurance by purchasing liability coverage in the state where residing on active military duty in an amount equal to or greater than the minimum amount required in Alabama

SB204 by Sen. Sam Givhan – To adopt and incorporate into the Code of Alabama 1975, those general and permanent laws of the state enacted during the 2021 First Special Session, the 2021 Second Special Session, the 2022 First Special Session, and the 2022 Regular Session as contained in the 2022 Cumulative Supplements to certain volumes of the code.

SB228 by Sen. Dan Roberts – Relating to residential real estate transactions; to require buyers to make certain disclosures to homeowners and other interested parties that the buyer intends to engage aspects of a wholesale transaction; and to deem unenforceable certain unfair service agreements purporting to establish a long-term right to list between real estate companies and residential real estate owners.

Patrick Darrington is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can reach him at [email protected].

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