Column | SB15 equals taxation without representation

February 16, 2018

By Sen. Linda Coleman-Madison 

Sen. Rusty Glover (R-Semmes) wants to take away the right of the people to elect their own representatives to serve in the Alabama State House.

He has introduced Senate Bill 15 a constitutional amendment that would allow the Governor of Alabama to appoint someone to fill any vacant seat with less than two years remaining on the term.

This was the case in Jefferson County, when Gov. Kay Ivey appointed Mike Anderton, a Republican, to fill the position of Jefferson County District Attorney, a position which voters elected a Democrat.

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Opinion | Four reasons why parents want the Alabama State Board of Education to remain elected

February 7, 2018

By Deborah Love

Two similar proposed bills, SB24 and SB25, make the State Board of Education (SBOE) appointed by a Director of Education. There will no longer be a Superintendent of Education but a Director of Education selected by the Governor. These bills are making their way through the Alabama Senate now. Their primary objective is to remove your constitutional right to elect your State Board of Education member and to dissolve the entire SBOE. These are four reasons why parents will oppose SB24 and SB25.

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Trump is crazy, so we’ll elect Clinton

March 16, 2016

By Joey Kennedy
Alabama Political Reporter

Frankly, I was in Bernie’s corner. I knew he was a long shot. And he was.

Hillary Clinton clearly has dominated the Democratic presidential race. That’s fine. She knows what she’s doing, and it’ll be great to elect a woman president. She will be elected.

On the Republican side, you have Donald Trump, a true idiot and xenophobe and racist and bigot. He’s dominating those primaries. Marco Rubio has suspended his campaign after losing Florida. So be it.
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Supporting “A New American Century”

March 1, 2016

By Rep. Will Ainsworth

The current presidential election will likely be the most important one that occurs in my lifetime, and in yours.

The president we elect will appoint multiple Supreme Court justices, face serious and ongoing threats from ISIS and radical Islam. The next president will need to take steps to rebuild our military and be tasked with reenergizing the U.S. economy so our nation can return to its natural position of preeminence.
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