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Bill Britt: Dems out of ideas, AEA out of touch

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

It is increasingly evident that the Democratic Party in Alabama is out of ideas and AEA head Mabry is out of touch.

At Wednesday’s press conference, Minority Leader Craig Ford offered up tax increases and gambling as the best ideas for funding the state governments responsibilities.

While attending a jobs creation committee at the same time, AEA’s boss almost had a stroke chastising Republican lawmakers saying he opposed the job retention incentive package, because it would take money away from the children. One representative in the meeting asked Mabry if he was going to oppose every economic development plan this session.

One has to wonder what year Mabry and Ford think they are living in.

Ford thinks that a lottery is still a good idea? If the lottery did not fly under a democratic governor what makes him think it would have any chance under a republican one.

Of course, Ford is not really serious about such a thing happening, he is simply practicing his stump speech for the 2014 gubernatorial race.

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Mabry so bulldogged the Economic and Tourism Committee that those present where appalled, offended and outraged by his childish behavior.

I am sure Mabry longs for the day when he, like his predecessor Paul Hubbert, would summon his legislative minions to the AEA offices and dictate his will for them to follow. Poor Mabry has to actually enter the statehouse and meet Republicans in a public forum.

How humbling it must be for the heir to the throne to find himself so emasculated by mere representatives.

Ford, who referred to the governor leadership still as “Sermons, ice-cream and cake” woefully misunderstands the Governor’s grit and religious tenor. It would be a mistake for Ford to mistake Bentley’s kindness for weakness.

As for Mabry, if he is looking for a cage fight, I doubt he wants to tangle with Del Marsh or Mike Hubbard. These are men who have built businesses in the real world and have not lived their lives eating at the government trough.

A rotund bureaucrat is no match for the lean fighting machines that are Hubbard and Marsh.

They say there are more than a thousand uses for Duct Tape. Here are two suggestions for Missers Ford and Mabry. Ford needs some Duct Tape to wrap himself up in some new ideas or find that he needs it to seal the box that will send him back to Gadsden. Poor Mabry, he is going to need a case of Duct Tape to bind his head up to keep it from exploding as he stomps and yells like a girl who boyfriend dumped her on prom night.

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Out of touch and out of time is no way to lead a state.

Bill Britt is editor-in-chief at the Alabama Political Reporter and host of The Voice of Alabama Politics. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.

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