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Birmingham Abortion Clinic Again Denied License to Reopen

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The Alabama Department of Public Health has again denied the deceptive attempts to reopen the New Woman All Women (NWAW) abortion mill in Birmingham, Alabama. When NWAW owner Diane Derzis was shut down by the state and agreed not to run an abortion clinic again, she got her friend Kelly Rainwater to form Ochata Management LLC as a front. They signed a lease with each other that gave Derzis all the profit (and she got to determine what was profit) while Rainwater and Ochata would appear to run the clinic. Public Health, thankfully, saw through the facade and denied Ochata’s application for an abortion license.

On July 13, other pro-life advocates and I attended the appeal hearing and it was obvious that Rainwater had been put up to this business scheme by Derzis. Today we have learned that the hearing officer who heard the appeal from the denial of the abortion license has recommended to state health officer Dr. Don Williamson that the denial be upheld.

But as you can see from the AP article published today, Derzis and Rainwater are going to give up the appeal, work up a new lease, and try to reapply. While NO abortion mill in Alabama is safe, especially for the unborn, we call on the Alabama Department of Public Health to continue to make sure lawless and deceptive abortion peddlers like Derzis and Rainwater never inflict their work on Alabama’s women and children again.

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