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Dear Mister Hubbard

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

Dear Mister Hubbard,

Lately, you, through your minions have seen fit to launch a personal attack campaign against me and my wife.

Please, do not try to deny this as you will only make yourself look more foolish than you already appear dishonorable. I have spoken to several people within your circle and they are not so good at lying when a man is looking them in the face or speaking the truth directly too them.

Every word I have written about you has been printed in the light of day with my name firmly affixed to it.

What you have had written about me and my wife has been hidden behind the veil of the internet using the name of a woman that no one seems to know. Most think it is one of your henchmen hiding behind a woman’s name. How apropos.

Perhaps, your character has become so calloused through political campaigns that you somehow think it is permissible to attack a man’s wife. I don’t know what kind of man it is that thinks that a woman who has done no more than assist her husband to create a small business is grist for your filth mill. Let me assure you this behavior will not be tolerated. I am a man and as a man I will take whatever comes. But you nor your little men have any right to touch my wife. She is a virtuous woman, the light and love of my life and my duty is to protect her as best I can.

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Whatever sins, mistakes or wrong doings in my house fall on my head because that is the way God ordained it.

Yes, I am a flawed man, but daily I ask God for His forgiveness through my Lord Jesus Christ.

Perhaps you have lived so long with fear and paranoia about your own life that you believe that there are those of us who do the same.

What a shame.

Some say you have talent, and it would appear that you at one time possessed a great measure. However, you have wasted that talent in pursue of poison fruit and leave only destruction and dishonor in your wake.

I dare say that if a secret vote where taken today in the Alabama House of Representatives you would find yourself almost completely alone, certainly you would find the Speaker’s gavel you seem to prize so dearly in the hand of another man.

Sadly, you are surround with very few men who dare challenge you or your dirty methods. But let me assure you only small men with wicked minds attack a man’s wife.

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If you think for one second I will back down from doing my job then you surely do not understand the type of man I am. I do not run from bullies, thugs or thieves. I run at them.

And real men do not need to hide their work in darkness. Only those who serve the prince of darkness need the covering of his cloak.

Many people especially conservatives have called me and my wife since you started your assault on us. They say they are praying for us that we will stand fast and stand strong against your disgraceful actions. Yes they know it is you as well.

We, in turn, pray for you that the light of God’s goodness might turn your heart from wickedness to love.

All I have written or said about you has been under the bright-light of day, I am not a coward that hides behind others.

I don’t expect this letter will cause you a moment’s worry but it should because you have crossed a line of decency even for your profession.

My wife’s name is Susan, a name you should only use with the greatest respect.

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My reporting has never been personal but you have disparaged my wife so now I must reply with the strongest of my personal thoughts.

But even those I have tempered for decency’s sake.

Bill Britt

Written By

Bill Britt is editor-in-chief at the Alabama Political Reporter and host of The Voice of Alabama Politics. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.


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