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My Address to the Alabama Republican Summer Meeting

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

What I would like to say to my fellow conservatives is that the ALGOP is faced with an enormous crisis in the form of the impending criminal indictments against the Speaker of the House, Mike Hubbard. I beg you give me a moment to address this perilous situation confronting the party.

Over the last 12 months the Alabama Political Reporter has meticulously chronicled the corruption perpetrated by Speaker Mike Hubbard. We have reported the schemes he has undertaken to use his office to enrich himself and his cronies. From rigged bids, placing language into legislation to benefit his clients, to his various other quid pro quo deals, we have told the truth and presented the facts. At least three grand juries have been investigating Hubbard during that time period. Now, another Special Grand jury in Lee Count is putting the final touches on the indictment coming down for Hubbard and his henchmen.

The ALGOP can continue to believe Hubbard’s lies, believe that my news organization is a tool of the AEA, or wake-up and realize that as a law and order conservative and a journalist, I have reported what no other organization was willing to, that being to factually prove that Hubbard has engaged in an orgy of greed and corruption.

Hubbard is going to be arrested. It is not a matter of if…it is a matter of when. And when, is closer than it has ever been.

The questions staring back at the stalwart conservatives at the summer meeting is, do you have a plan for when Hubbard and his cronies are indicted? Or will you sit on your hands like you’ve been doing, and deny the facts in front of your face?

No one will be able to jump-up and point their finger at the democrats, or the AEA or These indictments will be issued by a republican Attorney General’s office. Hubbard and the ALGOP will not have a credible scapegoat this time.

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When Hubbard and his people are finally placed in handcuffs, what the people of Alabama will want to know is why did the republican leadership allow Hubbard to get away with such deeds? What people in conservative districts will ask is why their legislators did not know or did not care or complied with Hubbard’s malfeasance?

Everyone of you who allowed yourself to be bullied or bribed into doing Hubbard’s bidding will be called to stand and give account for where you were when Hubbard raped and pillaged in the name of the ALGOP. Just saying you didn’t know will not be an acceptable excuse.

Saying you were powerless or you didn’t believe that he was doing anything wrong, will not work either. Most people are not that stupid. They will know you were a dupe, a stooge or worse…a coward. People do not elect proven cowards, dupes or stooges, and the republican party will pay a heavy price for turning a blind-eye to Hubbard and his gang.

As a conservative, I am ashamed of many I once called friends. But I did not turn my back on my values for what was safe or convenient, you did.

I still believe in conservative virtues and I believe there are leaders among us who can rise to the occasion and put a plan together for Hubbard’s replacement.

When the ALGOP swept the state in 2010, my wife and I cheered, we believe that the good guys had won. Recently, Susan said to me, “I believed these were my knights on white horses. How wrong I was.”

One thing we know about Americans, Alabamians and true conservatives is we may be thrown, but we will alway get up. There are some rugged paths ahead, but it only takes one man or woman to stand up for what is right and others will follow. I ask you, as a fellow conservative, tell Mike Hubbard and his friends it is time for them to go.

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On August 7, 1974, Barry Goldwater, leading a small group of republican lawmakers, met with President Richard Nixon and told him the time had come for him the step down for the good of the county and the good of the GOP.
August 24, 2013, should be remembered as pivotal day for the ALGOP.  The question is will the true conservative leaders stand up, or will you remain silent in the face of the coming storm?

Who will be our Barry Goldwater?

It is time for Hubbard to go.

God bless the state of Alabama and God bless the USA.


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Bill Britt is editor-in-chief at the Alabama Political Reporter and host of The Voice of Alabama Politics. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.


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