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Big Money Flowing In and Out of PACs

By Bill and Susan Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

MONTGOMERY—With only seven months until the 2014 primaries, ’tis the season for big money flowing in and out of Political Action Committees.

The total amount of money being reported by PACs in November, 2013, show a combined total beginning balance of $51,458,796.75, with $1,265,925.23 in contributions. There were $1,376,404.77, in expenditures leaving an ending balance of $51,380,310.79.

Top 5 in total Contributions raised:

Alabama Voice of Teachers for Education $176,637.20

Alabama Trucking Association $155,941.00

Alabama Bankers Association $73,864.58

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PROGRESS PAC $69,048.49

Alabama Medical PAC $118,718.23

PROGRESS PAC $69,048.49

The top 5 in Expenditures distributed:

Alabama Voice of Teachers for Education $177,499.93

Alabama Bankers Association $125,063.13

Alabama Trucking Association $87,000.00

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Alabama Nursing Home Association Care PAC $$55,000.00

Alabama 2014 PAC $54,790.65

Top 5 Largest Warchests:

Alabama Voice of Teachers for Education $4,638,517.95

Progress PAC $2,030,445.19

Farm PAC $1,411,710.93

Alabama Realtors $994,066.04

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Alabama 2014 PAC $970,783.83

PACS receiving Major Contributions:

Alabama 2014 PAC, $20,000, Alabama Deer Association

Alabama Bankers Association, $50,000, Alabama Bankers Association

Alabama Trucking Association, $150,000, Alabama Trucking Association Golf Classic

Alabama Bankers Association PAC, $50,000, Alabama Bankers Association, Inc.

The Alabama Education Association has by far the most money on hand with $4,638,517.95 in its war chest.

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The next largest is controlled by the Business Council of Alabama which has $2,030,445.19 placing it over $2.6 million behind the teacher’s organizations.

As always, ALFA will be a big player in the coming elections as well as the realtors and former Gov. Bob Riley’s Alabama 2014 PAC.

However, the million dollar question is, will the associations honor the deal it struck with House Speaker Mike Hubbard and Senate President Pro Del Marsh? According to several reliable sources, Hubbard made a deal with the associations that they would send one half to one third of their PAC holding to candidates of Hubbard’s choosing:

“When the phone call came from Mike, the associations were to start handing out cash,” said one source.

Given Hubbard’s tenuous hold on the Speaker’s Office because of Grand Jury proceeding in Lee County, it will be worth watching to see if these powerful associations want to be tried to a man who could any day face criminal indictments.

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Bill Britt is editor-in-chief at the Alabama Political Reporter and host of The Voice of Alabama Politics. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.


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