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Incarcerated person dies at Easterling Correctional Facility

Inquiries for ADOC, a public state agency, to confirm deaths to APR have been ignored. 

Easterling Correctional Facility.
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Another individual died in an Alabama Department of Corrections facility on Monday. 

Christopher Riley died at Easterling Correctional Facility according to reliable sources. Riley’s cause of death is currently unknown. 

APR has begun relying on sources to report deaths because previous inquiries for ADOC, a public state agency, to confirm deaths to APR have been ignored. 

These inquiries include the death of Rubyn James Murray at Elmore Correctional Facility on July 26, a suicide at Bullock Correctional Facility on July 19, the death of Keith Matthews at Staton Correctional Facility on July 13 and stabbings that occured at two separate facilities on July 13.

Riley’s death comes a day after an incarcerated individual, Derrol Shaw, created a “security incident” ADOC claims. Shaw was seen on Facebook Live after getting into an altercation with a guard and taking the officer’s vest and gun. 

On his Facebook Live Shaw states that his actions are a result of him being fed up with the constant death, chaos and violence at ADOC prison facilities. And just one day later another individual died at one of the facilities Shaw criticized.

Last week APR reported on several deaths but there were also some that APR was notified of just recently. The other individuals who also died last week were Christopher Strieff, Anthony Kendricks and Michael Smith.

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Strieff’s death occurred at Ventress Correctional Facility, Kendrick’s was at Limestone Correctional Facility and Smith passed at the Bullock Correctional Facility.

APR previously reported that there were approximately 110 deaths of incarcerated people this year. Accounting for this new information that number if likely 114 but is still likely an undercount due to no accurate up to date record keeping. 

Patrick Darrington is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can reach him at [email protected].

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