Public/Private partnerships can assist with infrastructure issues

July 25, 2017

By Johnny Kampis

As some are calling for upwards of a trillion dollars in federal spending to help fix the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, a public-private partnership in Alabama is proving that some of those roads and bridges can be improved without using loads of taxpayer dollars.

Officials in Baldwin County recently announced the expansion of the Beach Express, which will add a third lane at the Foley Beach Express bridge that will be reversible depending on traffic needs. The toll road is a partnership between Baldwin County, which includes the beach destinations of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, and private operator American Roads.
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Money from BP is spent

March 1, 2017

by Steve Flowers

We have unbelievable natural resources in Alabama starting with the Tennessee Valley and transcending to the beautiful white sands at Gulf Shores. Many of our natural resources have been exploited over the years. The prime example would be the exploitation of our rich vaults of iron ore discovered in Jefferson County in the early 20th Century. It created the city of Birmingham, the Steel City of the south.
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With More Payday Lenders than McDonald’s, Cities Take Action

December 16, 2013

By Lee Hedgepeth
Alabama Political Reporter

With recent statistics from both the Center for Responsible Lending and the Southern Poverty Law Center confirming that there are four times as many payday lending storefronts as there are McDonald’s locations across our state, municipal legislators are taking notice, particularly in the wake of what many describe as all talk and no action on the part of the AL Legislature and Governor’s Office.
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