New Year’s resolution: Stop the gullibility

December 29, 2017

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

According to an email that Roy Moore’s campaign sent out to supporters and the media, more than $70,000 has been raised over the last week from donations for Moore’s “election integrity fund.”

Think about that.

Think some more about that.

Now, be angry.

For all of the cheering and congratulating and pontificating that has gone on since Doug Jones won Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat, there has been one glaring fact that has gone largely unmentioned: The worst candidate in years, operating in a campaign that could have been better run by field mice, nearly won.

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In opioid fight, pharmaceuticals are the problem, marijuana the cure

April 4, 2017

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

“The opioid epidemic.”

The death and destruction of millions of people has been tagged and properly branded now. The politicians have created task forces. Charitable groups have distributed pamphlets.

The rest of us can do what we always do with these sorts of awful realities: Shake our heads mournfully, agree that it’s awful, quickly change the subject and move on about our business.

On one hand that’s understandable. After all, what are we going to do? We’re not hooked. We’re not giving these drugs out to anyone.
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