Opinion | Why doesn’t it hurt to be wrong anymore?

January 12, 2018

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

Do conservatives never feel dumb?

Maybe “dumb” is too harsh. Embarrassed? Ashamed?

Any of those? Any feeling resembling some level of remorse for loudly holding a belief that is 100 percent wrong?

Because, I hate to be the bearer of tough news here, but you guys are wrong a lot.

A whole lot.

On some pretty basic things.

I suppose that happens when your every belief eschews facts in favor of feels. But still, I wonder if you feel badly when your long-held beliefs — particularly those that are hurtful to your fellow Americans — prove to be untrue?

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2018 Legislative Session: Prepare to pander

January 3, 2018

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

Welcome to 2018, Alabama.

If any state should welcome the opportunity for a fresh start — a chance to sort of hit a reset button and regroup — it is this one.

Robert Bentley’s sext messages — the electronic equivalent of drinking a shot of hydrogen peroxide — are in the past. The worst campaign in U.S. political history — Roy Moore and his Political Panhandlers Bible Thumping Band — has mercifully been forced into temporary obscurity, with only the bilking of the gullible left.

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Alabama deserves Roy Moore

November 15, 2017

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

Apparently, this needs to be said again: Alabama does not deserve better than Roy Moore.

Back when former Gov. Robert Bentley was first rumored to have misused taxpayer money to facilitate an affair with his top advisor, there was this crazy idea among many around the state that somehow Alabamians deserved better than Robert Bentley.

He was an embarrassment to the state, they said.

He was making us look foolish, they said.

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Alabama Legislature week 2: Careful with those eyeglasses

February 17, 2017

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

Week No. 2 has come and gone in the Alabama Legislature’s 2017 Regular Session, and we’re left with only the memories.

And the awful legislation.

Let’s get to the recap….


Rough Start

If the first real day of debate on the House floor sets the tone for the rest of the session, we’re in trouble. Because Tuesday’s opening was as bad as it gets without a fire involved.
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