We should hold law enforcement officers to a higher standard

September 15, 2017

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

On the video, the man is on his knees, his hands bound behind him, but he is calm, barely moving.

Suddenly, another person in the room walks over and hits the bound man. Hard. Unable to defend himself, he starts to slump forward, curling his body into a fetal position, trying to protect himself the best he can.

But the beating continues. Two, three, four swings.

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Alabama: the final resting place for facts

January 10, 2017

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

President Obama has been an unmitigated disaster for America.

We don’t know much in Alabama, but we know the above statement is true. Or, I guess I should say, the majority of the voters in this State know that statement to be true.

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