Opinion | Why doesn’t it hurt to be wrong anymore?

January 12, 2018

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

Do conservatives never feel dumb?

Maybe “dumb” is too harsh. Embarrassed? Ashamed?

Any of those? Any feeling resembling some level of remorse for loudly holding a belief that is 100 percent wrong?

Because, I hate to be the bearer of tough news here, but you guys are wrong a lot.

A whole lot.

On some pretty basic things.

I suppose that happens when your every belief eschews facts in favor of feels. But still, I wonder if you feel badly when your long-held beliefs — particularly those that are hurtful to your fellow Americans — prove to be untrue?

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Roy Moore is on the run

November 8, 2017

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

It was all just a show.

I think that deep down most everyone knew this about Roy Moore — that his entire persona was nothing more than a contrived act. A ruse. A way to tweak his ego and bring easy money to his doorstep.

He’s not the tough Christian soldier. He’s not a cowboy. He’s not a pistol-toting, leather vest-wearing warrior.
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Welcome to Alabama: The Heart of Corruption

May 23, 2016

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

The chronically delayed trial of The State of Alabama V. Michael G. Hubbard is set to begin Tuesday. Nearly two years after his indictments on 23 felony counts of public corruption, a jury of his peers will hear opening statements from the State, and the defense. There was a defense motion pending before trial Judge Jacob Walker, III, but late on Friday, Hubbard’s defenses withdrew the motion.
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