A tribute to a great Alabamian

November 29, 2017

By Steve Flowers
Inside the Statehouse

Jim Martin passed away recently in Gadsden at 99 years old.  His beloved wife of 70 years, Pat, was by his side.  He was a true Christian gentleman.  Jim was one of the Fathers of the modern Republican Party in the South.

In 1962, John Kennedy was President. Camelot was in full bloom.  The Congress was controlled by Democrats only because the South was solidly Democratic. The southern bloc of senators and congressmen were all Democrats. Because of their enormous seniority, they controlled both houses of Congress.

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Rebuilding, reforming, and repairing our military

July 18, 2017

By Congressman Bradley Byrne (AL-1)

There is no greater responsibility of the Federal government than to provide for the safety and security of the American people. I have found myself making this point over and over again throughout my short time in Congress.

With the wide range of issues under debate here in Washington, some of my colleagues seem to forget that our most basic responsibility as outlined in the Constitution is to “provide for the common defense” of the American people.
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Reformers doomed Payday Lending Bill

June 1, 2017

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

The sponsor of a Payday Lending Reform Bill was shocked to watch as those reformers he was trying to help sabotaged the Legislation. For the past several Legislative Sessions, State Rep. Danny Garrett (R-Trussville) has worked to bring about, what he considered, meaningful reform to Payday Lending. Garrett joined with the Southern Poverty Law Center, Alabama Arise, and others to push further lending reform. But, rather than accept the compromise bill that Garrett worked so diligently to pass, the SPLC and Alabama Arise backed a filibuster in the Senate and doomed all of his efforts.
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Senate Bill concerning monuments passes but not as originally written

March 10, 2017

By Sam Mattison
Alabama Political Reporter

The Alabama Senate passed Senate Bill 60 on Thursday March 9th, after it was amended on the floor to change the time requirement in the bill.

The bill concerns monuments on public land.

The unamended bill prohibited anyone from disturbing any monument on public land that has been standing for longer than 50 years. Disturbing could be anything like renaming, removing, altering or relocating a monument. If the monument had been standing for fewer than 50 years, it could have been changed through a waiver sent to a committee set up by the bill. If a municipality or county was caught violating the act, a fine of $25,000 would be imposed on them.
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Former State Parks Director: Vote “No” on Amendment 2

November 1, 2016

By Don Cooley
Former Director, Alabama State Parks Division Department of Conservation & Natural Resources

As a former State Parks director, nothing would have pleased me more than being able to vote for a constitutional amendment to protect State Park revenues from being raided by the politicians.

But I will vote “No” on Amendment 2 because it would do more harm than good. Under the guise of protecting State Park revenues, the politicians have embedded language in Amendment 2 that would allow privatization of Alabama’s most popular and profitable State Parks.
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Committee to Investigate “Dirty Tricks” Meets This Week

October 18, 2016

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

MONTGOMERY—A joint legislative committee will meet tomorrow at 11 AM to began an investigation into the events surrounding an anonymous ethics complaint against Dr. Craig Pouncey.

In early August, The Alabama Political Reporter was the first to reveal an anonymous complaint about Pouncey, who, at the time, was a contender for the position of State’s Superintendent of Education.

The unknown author accused Pouncey of using State resources and personnel to write his doctoral dissertation. Even though the claims were later debunked, it is widely believed that it cost Pouncey the appointment, handing it to Massachusetts lawyer, Michael Sentance.
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McClendon, Dial Ask: Give The People The Right To Vote On Lottery

August 18, 2016

By Susan Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

MONTGOMERY—The lottery bill, SB11, was carried over at the call of the chair late Wednesday, with few Republican senators present. It could resurface Thursday morning, should more lawmakers come onboard.

Jim McClendon (R-Springville) brought SB11 to the Senate Floor on Wednesday. It passed out of Tourism and Marketing Committee on Tuesday. He said he brought this bill to the attention of the Legislature, as a result of his constituents asking him to pass a bill, so they did not have to drive to neighboring states to buy lottery tickets.
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Hubbard Trial Day Nine: Testimony Indicates Hubbard Merged Speaker’s Office With Riley’s Lobbying Firm

June 7, 2016

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

OPELIKA—Emails entered into evidence during former Gov. Bob Riley’s testimony on day nine, was a matrix of deals that benefited both Riley and Hubbard. Lead Prosecutor, Matt Hart, in email after email revealed a disturbing pattern where Riley would ask something from Hubbard, receive it, and vice versa, in a quid pro quo style transaction.

Under the Ethics Laws that Hubbard and Riley championed and passed, just one such action would result in a felony charge. These two men repeated the scheme numerous times.
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