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Photos: Scenes from the Statehouse

The 2018 Legislative Session was filled with ups, downs, triumphs, defeats, frustration, and a bit of humor. With camera in hand, the Alabama Political Reporter attempted to capture some of those moments.

An Empty Senate Chamber on what is supposed to be the last day of session. (Samuel Mattison/APR)

In a humorous twist to a debate about hunting over bait, state Sen. Paul Sanford places this sign as a visual aid for the Senate. (Samuel Mattison/APR)

Democratic lawmakers hold a press conference on a group of gun bills being proposed by members. The laws are in response to the Parkland, Florida, shooting. (Samuel Mattison/APR)

State Sen. Dick Brewbaker speaks on the Education Budget. He, along with other senators, pushed for an increase of funding to Alabama State University. (Samuel Mattison/APR)

Sens. Del Marsh (Left) and Phil Williams (Right) prepare to speak in favor of a bill dealing with exempting economic developers from registering as lobbyists.

In a brief respite from debate on the floor, Sens. Rodger Smitherman and J.T. Waggoner greet guests in the Senate Gallery. Greeting guests is routine in the upper chamber even during times of heated debate. (Samuel Mattison/APR)

Senate President Del Marsh speaks to reporters right outside of the chamber. Marsh routinely talks to press after the Senate adjourns for the day. (Samuel Mattison/APR)

Speaker of House Mac McCutcheon presides from the Speaker box in the House of Representatives. (Samuel Mattison/APR)

Sen. Rodger Smitherman looks on as his bill that would ban racial profiling and collect data on traffic stops is debated in a House committee. The bill would ultimately fail on the House floor in the waning days of the Session. (Samuel Mattison/APR)

After securing votes for her Day Care Bill, Rep. Pebblin Warren smiles at a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting. Defying last year’s trajectory, Warren’s bill successfully passed out of the Legislature. (Samuel Mattison/APR)

Rep. Will Ainsworth speaks to reporters after a committee meeting about his bill that would arm educators in wake of the Parkland, Florida, shooting. While not passing the House, leadership has signaled that it will come back next session. (Samuel Mattison/APR)

Presiding over a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting, Chairman and Sen. Cam Ward takes a second to read over a bill while a proponent speaks. (Samuel Mattison/APR)

In a crowd of senators on the floor, Sen. Rodger Smitherman takes a moment to look to the Senate gallery. (Samuel Mattison/APR)

Sen. Tripp Pittman strikes a thinking pose while listening to a proponent of a bill in a Senate committee meeting. (Samuel Mattison/APR)

After a tense Senate meeting, Sen. Cam Ward puts his head in his hands. The body would adjourn for the day on what was supposed to be their last day in Montgomery. (Samuel Mattison/APR)