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Father files wrongful death lawsuit in connection with abortion


Personhood Alabama filed suit in the Circuit Court of Madison County against the Alabama Women’s Center in Huntsville for wrongful death of “Baby Roe.”

The lawsuit was brought by the father of Baby Roe and charges as responsible parties; the Alabama Women’s Center, the abortionist, and the pharmaceutical company; for profiting from the wrongful death of Baby Roe.

Personhood Alabama asserts that Baby Ran was an “innocent preborn child” whose life was snuffed out despite the father’s active efforts to halt the abortion.

The attorney for the case is Brent Helms.

“Baby Roe’s innocent life was taken by the profiteering of the Alabama Women’s Center and while no court will be able to bring Baby Roe back to life, we will seek the fullest extent of justice on behalf of Baby Roe and Baby Roe’s father,” Helms said in a statement. “The time is ripe for consistency in Alabama’s jurisprudence: either we fully acknowledge the personhood of the unborn or we cherry pick which innocents we protect and which ones we trash for profit.”

Alabama’s constitution and statutory laws are emphatic that a person is “a human being, including an unborn child in utero at any stage of development, regardless of viability.”

In November, Alabama voters approved an amendment to the state constitution declaring that it is the “public policy of this state to recognize and support the sanctity of unborn life and the rights of unborn children.”

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During the last decade, the Alabama Supreme Court has issued seven decidedly pro-life decisions which recognize the personhood of the unborn. Three of these cases: Mack v. Carmack, Hamilton v. Scott, and Stinnett v. Kennedy, involved wrongful death suits and interpreted the world “child” in the Wrongful Death Act to include unborn children as well as born children.

The spokeswoman for Personhood Alabama is Hannah Ford.

“Just during the past few weeks, the nation’s conscience was stunned with chilling assaults on the unborn coming out of New York and Virginia,” Ford said in a statement. “Alabama’s Baby Roe comes as a timely reminder that every single abortion committed is a chilling assault on a precious and innocent human life—an intolerable violation of the most basic, God-given human right, the right to life.”
Ford was referring to New York’s Reproductive Health Act, Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran’s Repeal Act, and Virginia’s Democratic Governor Ralph Northam’s endorsement of infanticide.

“Baby Roe was cruelly robbed of life and silenced before entering the world or being able to personally voice complaint in court,” Ford stated. “The gross injustice inflicted on Baby Roe compels us to pursue complete justice in this case so that no other unborn child’s life will be taken by the hands of the abortion industry in the State of Alabama.”

Personhood Alabama is an Alabama nonprofit corporation dedicated to promoting the legal recognition of the personhood of unborn children.

To learn more about Personhood Alabama visit their website.

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Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



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