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Rogers: America faces “vast, evolving” security threats

Brandon Moseley



U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Saks, wrote an editorial in the Hill Tuesday in which he warned of growing threats from new and old adversaries.

“The threats America faces today are vast, evolving, and from new adversaries,” Rogers warned. “We must take steps to ensure that the Department of Homeland Security, the agency tasked with identifying these threats and preventing harm to our nation, is able to attack these threats head-on.”

Rogers is the ranking member on the House Homeland Security Committee. Rogers said that DHS was created post-9-11 to deal with terrorist threats, from global jihadist organizations like Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and ISIS.

“While DHS has largely found success in stopping those threats before they ever reach our shores, it must today be prepared to handle cyberhackers, rival nation-states, and transnational criminal organizations, in addition to global jihadists,” Rogers warned. “Rising powers are using asymmetrical attacks to weaken our leadership role and global influence. China, Russia, Iran and North Korea all have state-sponsored programs designed to harm the United States.”

“From satellites to social media, there isn’t an area free from intense competition,” Rogers stated.

Rogers warned, “Online influence efforts can destabilize our neighbors, affect migration flows and threaten the integrity of our elections here at home.”

Rogers also warned about China’s Belt and Road Initiative and intellectual property theft.


The congressman warned of new challenges from terrorist both abroad and at home.


Rogers said that House Republicans on the committee have addressed many of these issues with five bills that have been introduced to modernize DHS.

Rogers is in his ninth term representing Alabama’s 3rd Congressional District. Prior to his service in the House of Representatives, Rogers served the people of Alabama in the state legislature and on the Calhoun County Commission.

To read his full comments on the House Homeland Security Department go here.




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