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Rogers explains his opposition to HR1

Congressman Mike Rogers says that HR1, known as the For the People Act, is the “For the Politicians Act.”

Alabama Republican Congressman Mike Rogers

Congressman Mike Rogers, R-Alabama, explained in an email to supporters why he voted against HR1, known as the For the People Act, a voting rights and elections bill that Republican opponents say would federally regulate how states conduct elections:

“This week, I was proud to vote against HR1 – the Democrats’ partisan election takeover bill, which would have damaging effects on our country,” Rogers said.

“HR1 would be a federal takeover of our elections, giving radical left Democrats in Washington complete control over the responsibilities that our country’s founders and our constitution ensured would be delegated to the states,” Rogers said. “This bill would allow Democrats to federalize our elections in a way that rewards Democrat politicians and seeks to guarantee their re-election, establishing taxpayer-funded political campaigns that would rig the election system in their favor.”

“It is concerning, but not shocking that Speaker Pelosi is prioritizing this partisan bill over the need to provide critical relief to workers and families who need assistance,” Rogers said.

Rogers continued:

“Here are three of the most disturbing provisions included in this bill:

“1. Forces states to allow online voter registration, automatic voter registration and same-day voter registration with no safeguards.

“2. Disregards state voter identification laws by allowing sworn statements to be used in place of identification.

“3. Violates the First Amendment by expanding regulation and government censorship of campaigns and conservative political speech.

“HR1, which Democrats have named ‘For the People Act,’ should be called ‘For the Politicians Act,’” Rogers said. “Democrats are pursuing a complete power-grab while ignoring the needs of the American people. HR1 would limit political speech and political activity, make our elections less secure, and fund Democrats’ campaigns with taxpayer money. I will continue fighting back against Speaker Pelosi and radical Democrat attempts to steal power away from the American people.”

Congressman Gary Palmer, R-Alabama, agreed:

“In addition to allowing millions of improper voter registrations, the Democrats are also putting in place a provision to give millions of dollars to the reelection campaigns of incumbent members of Congress at a match rate of $6 for every dollar raised, for a match of up to $7.2 million per incumbent member,” Palmer said. “Consider this – just a few weeks ago, the Democrats stripped my colleague, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, of her committee assignments. But now, they seem to believe that though she isn’t allowed to serve on any standing committees, she should receive taxpayer-financed campaign contributions. Based on the formula in the bill and what Representative Greene has raised already, she would receive over $7 million. In an act of rank hypocrisy, every Democrat who voted to strip Representative Greene of her committee assignments turned around and co-sponsored this bill to give her reelection campaign over $7 million dollars.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California, also opposed the bill:

“First: the bill sends federal dollars to fund political campaigns,” McCarthy said. “Not to build roads or bridges but to add 600 percent of federal money to every small dollar donated by Americans. So let’s say Mary from Michigan donates $200 to her preferred candidate. Well, now the U.S. Treasury has just chipped in another 1,200 bucks.”

“Second: HR1 would legalize voting for convicted felons all over the country…even if they were convicted of election fraud,” McCarthy said. “Does that make sense to you? Not only is this dangerous…it’s unconstitutional.”

“Third: HR1 would weaken the security of our elections and make it harder to protect against voter fraud,” McCarthy said. “Here’s how: It would automatically register voters from DMV and other government databases. Voting is a right, not a mandate. In most cases, this legislation would actually prevent officials from removing ineligible voters from the rolls and would make it much more difficult to verify the accuracy of voter information. So future voters might be underage or dead or illegal immigrants, or registered two or three times….Democrats just don’t care.”

Rogers is in his 10th term representing Alabama’s 3rd Congressional District.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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