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A Trump supporter just believes

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

The President of the United States is under investigation for espionage.

Even Alabama’s politicians haven’t tried that yet.

As for the rest of the Trump base here in the State that helped launch his rise to the White House, things are going about like you’d expect. Which is to say, there’s nothing to see here.

Inside the Bubble of Dumb, life is right on track and America is on the verge of returning to greatness.

A scroll through the conservative radio dial today in Montgomery and Birmingham resulted in several minutes of chatter from hosts and callers who all were saying basically the same stuff: The media stinks.

Yes, according to Alabama conservatives, it’s the media at fault. But not those guys on radio, because they’re not media, nor are the folks at Fox News or Breitbart or whatever that website is where the shirtless guy yells at people in between phone calls with the president. None of those folks are media. And that’s a point I don’t want to argue, because I mostly agree with that.

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The media was to blame this time for completely overblowing the unimportant parts — like the stuff about the president being under investigation — and totally underselling the important parts — like when the FBI director said things like “the” and “uh” and “and.”

Honestly, I have no idea why Trump continues to waste his time with this presidency nonsense when so many gullible Alabamians are just aching to fork over their 401ks to the guy. Do you have any idea how many phony universities he could fill with the enthusiastic marks in this State?

Speaking of, by mid-morning, the marks were lining up to agree with talk radio hosts that this whole Russia fiasco is nothing more than liberal propaganda designed to hurt the president because he’s thumbing his nose at the usual powerbrokers.

They were apparently forgetting that the only powerbrokers the president has thumbed his nose at are the ones who lack ties to Russia and Goldman Sachs. But facts and truth have never been important cogs in the conservative wheel.

So, on we spun, until by mid-afternoon, I was starting to wonder if maybe I was watching a different intelligence briefing or if this whole US president-colludes-with-communists-to-undermine-democracy thing was being overblown. After all, as I heard one host say, Hillary Clinton sold the Russians our uranium and no one cared.

Two quick things: 1. She didn’t, and 2. We would’ve cared.

Dear Lord, would we have cared. We just spent two years dissecting the woman’s use of a private Internet server to maybe send and receive classified documents – a process which could have left some sensitive information vulnerable to outside attacks.

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Clinton lost the election over that nonsense … to an opponent who was being investigated for actively working with the Russians.

But the conservatives of Alabama aren’t buying it.

They think this is all just more of the failing media vilifying this president. And why? Just because he ran a Ponzi scheme university, proudly boasted about committing sexual assault, said a POW wasn’t a hero because he was captured, made his children essentially political appointments like a third-world dictator and has lied openly about his taxes, donating his pay to charity, the crowd size at his inauguration, his effect on the economy, the former president wiretapping his phones, the unemployment rate, the murder rate and fraudulent voting?

Pfft. Nothing but lies.

Sure, it’s all factually accurate, but the way it’s told, the “media” make it seem so dirty.

That’s how the conservative base that put Trump in the White House sees this.

And they’ll remain tucked away in their bubbles, waiting on hold to be the next caller, believing with all their hearts and none of their minds that whatever the president said he didn’t mean and whatever the president did isn’t as bad as you’re making it out to be.

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Josh Moon is an investigative reporter and featured columnist at the Alabama Political Reporter with years of political reporting experience in Alabama. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.

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