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Mo Brooks speaks to St. Clair County Republicans

Congressman Mo Brooks, R-Alabama, was in St. Clair County speaking to the County Republican Party in Pell City.

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks in a previous campaign video.

Congressman Mo Brooks, R-Alabama, was in St. Clair County speaking to the County Republican Party in Pell City.

“I have never had such fear for the future of my country than I have now,” Brooks told the St. Clair County GOP. “We are at the pivotal point in our history unlike anything we have seen since the period from 1856 to 1860.”

“We are the greatest nation in world history,” Brooks said. “We have the most powerful military in the world, notwithstanding Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan.”

“We have always elected our leaders,” Brooks said. “With the possible exception of 2020 that has always been the case.”

Brooks said that the nation was founded by geniuses who put forth basic principles for governing the nation.

“Those basic principles are under attack,” Brooks said. “The freedom of speech is under attack,”

Brooks said that people can be fired for what they say and they are censored by the social media platforms we use.

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“The freedom of religion is under attack,” Brooks said. “They are trying to force on us amoral values rather than the moral values taught in our Churches. Synagogues, and even mosques.”

“For two centuries we respected freedom of religion,” Brooks said. “Now they don’t want you practicing your religion once you step outside of your Church.”

Brooks said that we had laws against discriminating against people for the things that they can’t control like skin color or disability.

“But you can always discriminate against a person whose conduct that you don’t like,” Brooks said. The left is trying to change that.

“We are even spending house floor time is a man becomes a woman because a man says he is a woman,” Brooks said. “The science of that has been settled since Adam and Eve, but they are science deniers.”

“The Left is pushing us there for a reason,” Brooks said. “As long as you believe that our rights and values come from God you are apt to fight for them. If on the other hand you believe that they are given to you by government, you won’t object when they take them away. The Second Amendment right to bear arms the left will get rid of that in a minute.”

“We can’t win by 51 percent we have to win by 55 percent so that the official count shows us winning,” Brooks said.

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Brooks said that he understands conservatives who have given up hope and are angry with the government; however, Brooks urged that they channel that anger into getting out and winning the 2022 and 2024 elections.

“If the elections were today we would take back the House with a large majority and we would retake the Senate because the left has revealed what they are trying to do,” Brooks said but warned that all of that could change between now and the election.

Brooks defended his challenge of the election results.

“I was the one from the state of Alabama that led it and it was pretty lonely those first two weeks,” Brooks said.

Brooks said that the media pointed to all of the court cases where the Trump team’s election challenges were rebuffed.

“Of course, the decisions were 60 to nothing in favor of Joe Biden because it’s not the court’s job to challenge the election results,” Brooks claimed. “There is no way that a court could do it justice.”

“Jan. 6 is the day” that is set aside for election results challenges, Brooks claimed.

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Brooks said that the Commission on Federal Election Reform made several recommendations on elections. That was 2005. Their job was to examine our election laws. It was bipartisan. Jimmy Carter was cochair and James Baker, former chief of staff under Ronald Reagan, was the other. They produced a 100-page report.

“We have too many noncitizens voting in American elections,” Brooks said. “Between 900,000 1.7 million non-citizens voted in 2020 and that can be a game-changer.”

The Commission said, “We need to have photo ID.”

Brooks said voter ID is in place only in half of the states. In 12 states, you don’t have to show any proof of identification to vote. “I could come in and say I was Martha Brooks and they would give me a ballot.”

“The number one issue with our election was the mass mail out of ballots,” Brooks said.

“What happens when you mail out ballots,” is in direct conflict with what the Commission recommended.

Brooks explained that mail-out ballots violates the principle of chain of custody. People get multiple ballots. People fill out ballots for persons that moved or died.

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“Election day is a 24 hour period,” Brooks said. “That is pretty simple.”

“How many people voted outside of that 24-hour window?” Brooks said. “The code says election day. It does not say election week or election month.”

“How many votes were cast outside of that 24-hour window?” Brooks said, implying that the tens of millions who voted early or by mail were illegal.

Brooks said that only a state Legislature or Congress can set election law. If it is not done by the judges or state election officials and yet we had judges in Pennsylvania rewriting the laws for the election just weeks ahead of the vote.

“Other than legislators or Congress that covers all of Georgia and that covers all of Pennsylvania,” Brooks said.

Brooks is currently in his sixth term representing Alabama’s 5th Congressional District. He is running in the 2022 Republican primary for U.S. Senate.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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