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Political Newcomer Announces Candidacy for Alabama State Senate District 35

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“For years middle and working class people have been misled by politicians using social wedge issues to gain our votes only to do the economic bidding of big insurance companies and other wealthy donors,” said candidate Beau Doolittle. “This campaign isn’t about any national politicians, brand names or symbols. This is a local race and the issues should reveal who will do a better job representing the citizens of District 35.”

“If you look at the current makeup of the state legislature almost 90 percent of senators identify themselves as holding professions that are not typically identified with the middle and working class,” Doolittle continued. “I have experienced the same issues that affect my fellow middle class citizens who make up the majority of District 35. That puts me in the unique position in this race to not only know the issues, but understand the impacts.”

Doolittle, who is running as a Democrat, is a newcomer to politics.  He is a long-time resident of Mobile County and proud to be a product of public education, graduating from both Baker High School and the University of South Alabama. He is currently employed by the State of Alabama Department of Human Resources.

“The motto of the Sons of Liberty (the group responsible the Boston Tea Party) was ‘no taxation without representation’” said Doolittle. “The focus was on representation. It’s time we elect someone from the middle class to be our representative in Montgomery.”

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