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Cautiously optimistic

Staff Report

CULLMAN — Alabama’s unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in nearly three years, leaving two local lawmakers cautiously optimistic about the future.

A gradual decline in unemployment went from 9.8 percent in September to 9.3 percent in October, and finally to 8.7 percent for November.

Politicians across the state have been hesitant to attribute the decline in unemployment to the tough new immigration law, which faces a multitude of legal challenges, but some are speculating that a glimmer of better economic days could be ahead.

“That’s good news to hear. I hope the decline in unemployment continues,” said state Rep. Jeremy Oden, a Cullman County Republican. “There is some indication this may be a reflection of more of the permanent jobs instead of the temporary ones.”

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The most needed jobs include registered nurses and retail workers, two industries heavily affected by the pandemic.


The officials pointed to a record number of states with unemployment rates below 3 percent and a 43-day streak of declining gas prices.


Although Alabamians have returned to the workforce in a big way, the pandemic has left the retail industry struggling to find employees.


The number of unemployed people in the state has been on a steady decline in 2022, reaching record lows.